Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure appropriate compliance with AQTF Standard 5 which requires BCM Training Australia to recognise (and therefore accept) Qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued by other RTOs.

Process of Credit Transfer (CT):

  • All new participants are to receive a training program outline (specific to them) listing the competencies to be developed/assessed during the program.
  • participants are to receive a copy of the BCM Training Australia  RPL/CT Application Form (at enrolment). It is the trainer responsibility to explain the process and assist the participant complete an application for CT.

The participant will then:

  • Complete the application for CT, the BCM Training Australia trainer is to cite an original certificate or statements of attainment that covers the units of competence where the CT is being applied.
  • Lodge their application with their evidence with the trainer / assessor.
  • The trainer / assessor lodge the application in a timely manner (within seven days) to the training administrator or other designated officer.
  • The designated person is required to review and make a decision on the application within seven days of having received the application.
  • Those units granted CT status are listed on the participant’s record. The participant will be notified within seven days.
  • The participant will be advised of those units not successful and the reasons why.
  • The participant may apply to First Aid Training Australia CEO or RTO manager for a reassessment.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 October 2013

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