Providing ID

White Card Training
White Card Training

Providing Identification

The NSW White Card course is regulated by the NSW WorkCover department. It's a requirement that all participating students provide 100 points of identification when completing the course. 

This is a matter of importance. Students who can not provide ID on the day of their course will not be able to commence training. 

The combination of documents presented must include date of birth, current NSW residential address, photograph and signature.

Acceptable Forms of ID

Some documents you can use to provide this can include:

  • Australian birth certificate - 70 points
  • Australian drivers licence - 40 points
  • Current state/territory proof of age or photo card - 40 points
  • Medicare card - 25 points
  • ATM card - 25 points
  • Utilities bill - 25 points

Find out more about the types of acceptable ID, download the Evidence of Identity document below or contact (02) 9281 4111

Download Documents:

Last Updated on Friday, 18 March 2016

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