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White Card Online - NSW

In NSW, White Card courses can only be completed as a classroom-based course. This means that online versions are not available and in order to obtain a NSW White Card course you will need to attend a face to face course with a registered and approved White Card trainer.

Why is Online White Card not available?

NSW WorkCover manages and regulates White Card course in New South Wales. Under their instruction, no registered training organisation is allowed to deliver the NSW White Card course through online or correspondence learning; leaving classroom-based courses as the only option.

The best way to find information on NSW White Card courses is to contact NSW WorkCover or alternatively speak to our Sydney Training Centre by calling (02) 9281 4111.

Beware of Online Alternatives

Some inter-state training providers offer cheap online White Card alternatives. These providers are commonly located in Queensland and are offering you the Queensland equivalent to a White Card course – and not the NSW version.

They are not able to offer you a New South Wales White Card.

Finding a Classroom-based White Card Course

BCM Training Australia offers White Card courses throughout the week across our New South Wales training centres located in Parramatta, Sydney City and Chatswood.

White Card course sessions

Last Updated on Saturday, 30 May 2015

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