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Get an instant answer to all of your questions using our top-most frequently asked questions table below. 

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How do I find out if I'm eligible for a Government funded course? 

We've thrown together some easy to navigate documents on Government funded courses and the eligibility criteria that comes with them. 

If you're applying for a Skills for Victoria course then just head over to our online interactive Skills for Victoria eligibility test. Once you've applied for a course you'll be put through an eligibility test that will make sure you meet the guidelines for your selected course; so use the online eligibility test as a guide while you wait for your enrolment. 

What days of the week will my course land on? 

To find out what days your certificate level course will be run on you should download a course intake timetable from the course page. To do this, select your course of interest from the list below:

If you can't see a course timetable available for your preferred intake session then you'll need to contact us to find a copy. 

If you're completing a one day course, such as White Card or any of our First Aid courses, then you can find your course date on the course information page for your course. 

To find your course of interest, head over to the Courses page and select your course. Once you're on the course page, look for the list of upcoming courses. 

A copy of your course date will be emailed to you once you enrol online. 

How do I enrol in a course? 

Enroling in a course with BCM Training Australia is easy. We two main enrolment options, over the phone and online. 

Enroling Online into a WHS Course

  1. Visit the course page for your WHS course​
  2. Select an Intake Session Date
  3. Complete the form that appears on screen and hit submit when you're ready

Enroling Over the Phone

  1. Pull together information that will speed up your enrolment, such as your drivers license or passport and a copy or a list of your prior qualifications.
  2. Call us on (03) 9654 3000

Which days of the week will my WHS course be run on?

We change our course scheduling with each intake session.

To find out what days of the week your course will be run on, follow the links below and download a course timetable for your preferred intake session.

If you can't see a course timetable for your preferred intake session then you'll need to contact us – 1300 659 557

Where can I learn more about WHS courses? 

We've put together some great information for you about what is exactly a WHS course is.

What is a WHS Course?

I'm looking to take a NSW White Card course, but I have some questions.

Our NSW White Card courses have their own FAQ page. 

White Card NSW - FAQ

I'd like to download the BCM Student Handbook.

Student Handbook

Where can I learn more about the Victorian Training Guarantee?

The Victorian Training Guarantee, also known as Skills for Victoria, has its own information page in our help section. Learn more about the Victorian Training Guarantee.

Where can I get a New South Wales Green Card?

The Green Card course in New South Wales has now been replaced with a new course called White Card.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 June 2015

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