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WHS stands for Workplace Health and Safety and it generally amounts to a nationally based piece of legislation known as the WHS Act of 2011. It's an everyday part of our working life's and it controls much of the safety standards required to adequately operate in a workplace.

Victoria's Model WHS Act

In the state of Victoria, the Model WHS Act sets the basis for WHS implementation across the state.

The Model WHS Act was introduced in June 2011 by WorkSafe Victoria.

Deprecation of OH&S

In 2011 we saw the introduction of a nation-wide change from OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety) to WHS with the introduction of the Workplace Health and Safety Act of 2011.

The change over can still be seen in play with various states adopting their own model of the national WHS act to allow for state-relevant legislation implementation.

WHS Training Courses

It's crucially important (and sometimes mandatory) that workplaces appoint a WHS-trained professional. Generally this can be a supervisor or a work-group-appointed representative that will work between the business owner (or person conducting the business) and the workers to represent on WHS related matters.

Common WHS Training Courses

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